Artstic Scholarship

Artistic Scholarship from Mayor of Wrocław City

As a continuation of my research on musical manuscripts, in 2021 I will record the solo album …few words about love, with the association with Naruhiko Kawagichi,  who accompanies my on historical instrument – fortepiano. It is a pleasure to work on this project!

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The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

In 2019 I am involved in an exciting research into to manuscripts stored in The Ossolineum – one of the largest scientific library in Poland. For the next months I will collect and prepare a material for my next solo album that will be dedicated to very RARELY PERFORMED and even UNDISCOVERED YET songs and arias.

This activity obtained a prestigious scholarship of The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage! / Aldona Bartnik – soprano

The Artstic Scholarship from Mayor of Szczecin

In 2018 I was delighted to receive a gesture of appreciation of my artistic activites from Mayor of my family city – Szczecin.
This grand supported me with organizing a Polish premier od CD album Melancholia, that took place in Szczecin Philharmonic on the 11th December 2018.

The Institute of Music and Dance- Artistic Residency

The Institute of Music and Dance granted me the Artistic Residency for 2017/2018. In a cooperation with the FAMD from Szczecin we are going to perform four concerts dedicated to carefully selected Baroque repertoire for soprano. This Artistic Residency brought me  lot of inspiration, unforgetable concerts and useful reccordings.