Kodeks Wrocławski

Tomasz Dobrzański – artistic leader

Ars Cantus:
Monika Wieczorkowska – soprano
Aldona Bartnik – soprano
Radosław Pachołek – alto
Maciej Gocman – tenor
Piotr Karpeta – bass
Robert Pożarski – kantor

In principio erat verbum
Super ripam Jordanis
Inter natos mulierum
Psallite Deo nostro
Dies est leticie
Gloria (Qui tollis peccata mundi z tenorem Spiritus ubi vult spirat)
Credo (Et in Spiritium Sanctum z tenorem Spiritus ubi vult spirat)
Sanctus (Hosanna z tenorem Spiritus ubi spirat)
Agnus Dei
Ave maris stella

Jasoquin des Prez – Ave Maria, virgo serena
Jhesus Christus nostra salus 

The Wrocław Code plays major role for the Renaissance musical culture of Wrocław and Silesia Reagion. It is one of two (apart from Śpiewnik Głogowski) entirety preserved Silesian manuscripts, however, it is a source so far not common.  It is impossible to overestimate the significance of the manuscript from the end of the 15th century, containing over 90 extensive polyphonic compositions, many of which are signed with the names of the great composers of that time! Many of them are also an unique compositions of Silesian masters. The masterful repertoire, which was most likely used by the Wrocław cathedral band before more than half of the millennium, will sound again in the performance of the Ars Cantus ensemble.