Aldona Bartnik & Maurice Lammerts van Bueren

The album Melancholia presents songs and piano mazurkas by Polish composers, Chopin, Paderweski and Szymanowski.

The opening  of the album, present songs by Fryderyk Chopin. The’re only 19 songs officially verified as Chopin’s works, all of them inspired by lyrics of his contemporaries poets. Most of Chopin’s vocal compositions were published after his death and combined as Op.74. 

The poetry of Adam Mickiewicz, inspired Ignacy Jan Paderewski to work on a cycle regarding love, longing and passing of the time. Six songs  were created between 1887-1893. Paderewski died in New York after having a remarkable European and American career, as an outstanding pianist, composer, philanthropist and politician. 

The Twelve Kurpian Songs, by Karol Szymanowski demonstrates the composers fascination in simplicity, vitality and energy, going side by side with an expression of the Kurpian dialect. 

In the cycle, Word Songs to words by Julian Tuwim,  the listener can hear a fantasy world, hidden between music lines and lyrics by Julian Tuwim. Word Songs were composed in the summer of 1921, Karol dedicated them to his sister – Stanislawa Korwin-Szymanowska, who was also the first interpreter of these vocal works.

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