Island of hope

Pandemic puts everybody in a difficult, strange and also repeatedly an anxious situation full of question about the future. For me, this horrid times show clearly how vulnerable is life and how strongly people are struggling with it, being stopped from their normal life. All this happens within just few months. It is also shocking fact how easily fear is spreaded, banning normality all over the world.  Normality which all beings on our globe simply deserve.

These summer festivals were for me like an island on the ocean. Island of hope and island of short relief with touch of normality. Probubly, I will always see these live recordings from summer 2020 as a memory from moment of hope in dull and scarying pandemic times. Thank you NFM and for this memories.

The 55th International Festival Wratislavia Cantans 2020 concerts and CD recording dedicated to Jacek Różycki -composer of Baroque times.

Fidelis servus

Exultemus omnes

XI Letni Festiwal Wędrowny na Goryckim Szlaku 2020
German Aria by G.F. Handel No. 6 Meine Seele hört im Sehen