Modern Music

Since the start of my musical career, I was always fascinated by using the human voice in an experimental and sonoristic way, specifically making it a colorful tool in music. This has driven me to explore Modern Music. Mixing modern trends with a classical vocal technique has awoken me artistically and broadened my horizons. In the last few months I have performed music by Paweł Szymański during the Dutch premier of his vocal compositions at UNheard Festival 2019 in Den Haag . As a soloist and a member of multiple chamber vocal ensembles I have worked on Madrigals by George Crumb and participated in workshops and concerts organized by the MusMA, performing work by Darija Andovska, Franck Bovet, Yigit Aydin, Ana Gnajtovic,Frederik Neyrinck, Rriccardo Piacentini, Agata Zubel.