The Institute of Music and Dance granted me the Artistic Residency for 2017/2018.

I am sure, this Artistic Residency will bring a lot of inspiration, unforgetable concerts and many more professional reccordings, that we are arleady catching the ideas for.

Here I share yet not official video as an effect of latest artistic co-operation with the FAMD. S.S. Szarzyński, motet Jesu, spes mea life reccording from Lviv Early Music Festival 2017. Stanisław Sylwester Szarzyński was born in the second half of seventeen century. There are no information left where exactly it happened. Undoubtedly he was a monk from the Cistercian order and his family was quite rich tribe from Poland. It is also possible that he was involved in leading choir of the Cellegiate Church in Łowicz. It comes from the fact that many of his manuscripts were preserved there. The way how Szarzyński composed, shows technical competence in using the genres form, treating the voice and instrumental parts. For that reason we may think that he was professionally trained in composition skills.